BankservAfrica is the largest automated clearing house in Africa. We build and operate South Africa’s core payments infrastructure. The company is authorised as a PSO by the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) under the National Payment System Act. BankservAfrica also defines, builds and operates other digital infrastructure to support African communities and economies.


We build mutual digital infrastructure that connects economies


We work with collaborative communities, building relationships of trust with our mutual owners.


We focus on the networks of relationships and processes that support economic activity. These include business, legal and governance relationships and technological networks and systems.


We focus on the collaborative nature of our infrastructure, bringing communities of stakeholders together. Our infrastructure supports activity in market economies, national economies or regional economies.

The group facilitates quality transactions in a well-regulated financial system that is compliant with international banking best practice and standards, while reducing risk and complexity in the industry.

Leading systems, infrastructure, tools and expertise have ensured that BankservAfrica remains the industry leader in electronic payment and information switching services. The group’s operational abilities include:

  • Multiple electronic delivery capabilities
  • Facilitation of connectivity
  • Message management
  • Billing and compiling management information

Critical to all of these operational abilities is the privacy, safety and security of transmitted and stored data, which is managed and governed as a priority.

We are governed by our memorandum of incorporation (MOI) and the Companies Act. We focus primarily on the PSO services (clearing and settlement business) by, inter alia, ensuring the allocation of key personnel, resources, funding and investment into the PSO services. These services are provided to clients on a fair, equitable and transparent basis.

The group is a trusted partner to the South African financial services industry and is an integral part of the country’s National Payments System (NPS).

Certifications and affiliations

  • We are a level 3 certified broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) company
  • We successfully completed an assessment by Trustwave against the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard V3.1 (PCI DSS V3.1)
  • We are affiliated to the International Payments Framework Association (IPFA)

All our certificates and affiliations are available for viewing at


“As we move towards a more digital economy where many aspects of our lives are fully online, the group’s stakeholders expect it to stay abreast of new developments and to drive change that is in line with international trends. In this ever-changing and dynamic environment, the board sees every opportunity to invest in the BankservAfrica team as an opportunity to further strengthen and better position the business to meet stakeholder needs into the future.”

Manne Dipico